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Strategic Brands + Websites 

Bringing brands to life in the digital universe. Creating tools that help businesses grow.

There comes a time when you know your business or idea is ready to progress to the next level. It’s when you see growth and the initial development phase is over. The product is proven, clients are interested in what is on offer, and you can sense a wider market that lies just beyond reach.

If this is your business, you have gained a better idea of who your Ideal Client is by now, although you may need some help putting this down into words and action. You need your brand and online profile to be a reliable representative on your behalf.

A well-designed brand will speak clearly and invitingly to your ideal client. A brand that looks the part, reveals the future of your business in a visual and symbolic way. A brand that is consistent across all channels and applications communicates professionalism and cultivates trust. So that means, a  strategic marketing plan is developed to be about more than pretty pictures: it is backed up by solid research and thoughtful copywriting.

I am passionate about helping business owners through this process, to help brands evolve to the next stage. I specialize in creating marketing tools and strategies that help businesses to grow in a meaningful way. If you need my help with your brand, website or digital marketing, click here to send me a note.

My clients say...

Sharon W, Blogger: The Blessed Barrenness

Sharon W, Blogger: The Blessed Barrenness

“Working with Karin has been a pleasure, she is super professional and the whole creative process was a joy for me. After I’d completed the initial interview process, I knew she was going to create something amazing, because she just GOT me. She put together a mood board that blew my mind! I was beyond excited!

What I loved the most about working with Karin, design skills and intuition aside, was how professional she is in what she presented. When she sent me the final logo’s and brand development yesterday, I literally had everything I needed. My logo’s and images were sent to me in every kind of format and in varying layout designs, along with HTML colour codes so that I can manipulate my brand to work on every kind of platform.”



Welcome! I enjoy helping new businesses launch well with a strong brand and online presence, as well as helping established businesses to uplevel their brands and websites.

I am a Graphic Designer and WordPress Web Developer with more than a decade’s worth of industry experience. I started Freshfire Studio in 2007 after leaving a corporate job at Media24.

I have a degree in Media, Culture and Communication from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa, and I am passionate about creating beautiful, smart designs that communicate and work well.

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Contact Details


My dedicated contact hours are week day mornings from 08:00 - 12:00 (CAT).


To schedule a voice or video call, please go to: https://calendly.com/freshfire/call. 


Whatsapp: + 27 72 219 3721
Email: karin@freshfire.co.za
Instagram: @freshfirestudio

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