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“You can do anything
you set your mind to.
Just not everything 
at the same time.”

Her words stuck with me all these years later. She was our lecturer for Contemporary Culture, and she said this during a module exploring Modern Feminism. In theory, women of the 21st century are able to do anything we set our minds to. Nothing stands in our way. We can work full time, stay at home with our kids, homeschool, run marathons, volunteer our free time, start our own businesses, train for any career under the sun. We can be compassionate friends, irreplaceable workers, involved mums, creative entrepreneurs and successful professionals.

The problem comes when we try to do everything at 100%, as if it is the only thing we have on our plate, expecting none of these areas to give way. 

Of course, se we can do #allthethings, but we need to decide how much time and priority focus each of these things will get in our lives. We need to be realistic, and most of all, we need to give ourselves some grace. We are enough, we don’t have anything to prove. However, if we don’t plan this out, with the aim of getting ahead of the stress curve, we will continue to live in survival mode… reactive mode. I prefer not to live like this (been there, done that, and I think the t-shirt is ugly), so I am interested in learning all I can about ways to plan and prioritise things better, 

It is possible to creatively combine your work and home life like never before.

With a little compromise, it is possible to choose a work-life blend for yourself that meets your family’s needs while also creating space for you to build the business of your dreams. The first step is to outsource the things that take a lot of time and fall outside your zone of genius. For me, this would be my accounting and photography work. For you, it might be your brand designs, website or social media marketing strategy.

This is where I can offer you a helping hand.

I enjoy working on projects that have strategic depth and purpose. I really want my work to make a difference. This is why I am developing the Brand Evolution package (Launching soon) – where I help small business owners take their brand and online image to the next level. We start with an audit of your brand and current online profiles, as well as spend some time identifying your ideal client. We end with an upgraded, professional brand and website, a sales page and lead magnet, an email list that is growing, social media profiles with a consistent professional look to match your brand and brand style guides for future use. Your brand should look the part and show people what they can expect from your business. I cram every useful marketing tool I can into this package (and leave the fluff), so that it will truly set you up for better strategic targeting of the right clients which will lead to more sales

My passion is to serve entrepreneurs in a meaningful way.

I am a digital design specialist with a decade’s worth of industry experience. I have a degree in Media, Culture and Communication from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in South Africa. I am passionate about creating beautiful, smart designs that communicate well. (It is actually not as easy as it looks!)

If you would like to book a Skype call to see if we would be a good fit to work together, click here to send me a note.

If you would like to get to know me better, feel free to follow me over on Instagram @freshfirestudio for a peek inside my mind – My favourite topics include design and marketing, business strategy, personal growth, creativity, personality theory, the glorious South African sunshine, my kids, and occasionally some coffee.


I am here to help where I can!


Digital Design Specialist: Brands + Websites.

Passionate about helping businesses evolve their brands to attract ideal clients.


@freshfirestudio on Instagram

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