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Are you looking for a designer who just gets you?

My branding design process is strategic, in-depth, and collaborative.

I believe it is possible to build a brand that makes YOU happy and excited to get to work while you grow your business and reach online. 

Your branding is an opportunity to show your potential clients what you are about – a visual statement of intent. A well-thought-out and consistent brand will attract the right clients and show them that you are professional and trustworthy in a single glance. 

Let’s tailor your brand and marketing focus to bring in more of the work and clients you love while also increasing your earning potential 

This is for you if:

  • You are ready to start a new phase in your business: this can be just starting out or upscaling to the next level.
  • You have no branding yet
  • …OR you have existing branding that is incomplete, ineffective, or outdated
  • You have a simple logo, but need a full brand developed around it.
  • You would like your business and marketing material to look more professional

Some answers to questions you might have:

How much does a brand design cost?

I do have standard brand design packages that I will include in my proposal to you along with my recommendation on which would be best for you project. The final decision lies with you.

Why should I invest in professional brand design for my business?

Brand Design is a strategic process where we look at the way you would like to present your brand to potential customers. It shows clients that you are professional and trustworthy. If you are ready to market to or seek out customers over the internet, you should be branded correctly.

I have found that even in my own business – when I take time and money to invest in my own website and personal branding, I show my customers what they can expect from working with me, that I am experienced and trustworthy – and so, that investment helps me to attract the right clients.

How would we know if we are a good fit for working together?

I would say, first take a look at my portfolio – do you like the brand designs I have done in the past? If yes, then the next step would be to complete the form on the “work with me” page.

Next, I will send you a proposal that will include a few different package options and my suggestions for the way forward.

If you are happy with what I proposed, the last step is to schedule a zoom call to chat through your project.

After these steps, it is usually clear whether we will be a good fit for working together or not. No pressure!

Do you work with clients across different time zones?

With the internet, this is no problem at all! I have clients from Sydney to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. Most of the actual design work happens in my own hours anyway, and meetings are scheduled through Calendly – which automatically shows my availability in your local time zone. I try to have time slots in various parts of my day to create opportunities for clients to book times that are most convenient to them.

What can I expect to pay for custom brand identity design?

This varies greatly from designer to designer – I have a handful of different branding packages to choose from, if you complete the form on the “Work with me” page, I can get back to you with a proposal – obligation free of course. 

How much does a brand design cost?

I do have standard brand design packages that I will include in my proposal to you along with my recommendation on which would be best for you project. The final decision lies with you.

What is your brand design process?

My standard brand design process is as follows:

  1. Brand Questionaire 
  2. Brand Inspiration Board
  3. First Concepts
  4. Revert 1
  5. Revert 2
  6. Additional Brand Collateral
  7. Final Proof(s)

Steps 2-6 allow for client feedback.

How long will this process take?

This depends on the project specifics – what you need to be designed and within which proposed project timeframe/deadline.  My schedule and availability at the time is also a factor. It would be best for us to schedule a zoom call for a chat – we can discuss these timelines and see what will work best for both of us.

How will I receive my logo/brand files at the end of this process?

The brand design process I follow will produce the following deliverables:

  • Brand Inspiration Board
  • Brand Summary Board
  • Additional Brand Collateral for example Business Stationery or Social Media Graphics (Provided as Canva templates).
  • A folder with 150-200 Logo Files
  • We usually end up with 4-6 Logo variations (For example, horizontal, vertical, text-only and icon/mark.)
  • For each logo version, I create a set of different file sizes and formats, for example RGB (for web), CMYK (for print), Single Color, Vector, PDF, png and jpeg.)

This brand asset folder will be in Dropbox or on Google Drive, and shared with you at the end of the project.

What is the difference between a brand design and logo design?

A logo is a single image whereas brand design encompasses various other elements as well. Brand design is an in-depth, strategic process and generates brand collateral and as well as traditional logo files.


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I aim to help you reach your ideal clients - through designs that are both beautiful and functional.
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My Logo Design Process

A complete brand design is about more than a logo, however, a logo does constitute the cornerstone design of the brand. Make your business stand out online with a custom-designed logo and brand.

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