So very excited to share this project with you!

I had the absolute pleasure of designing a large collection of canva templates for Ministry to Business@ministrytobusiness – They help faith-based creatives and communicators monetize their work to sustain their ministries AND bless their families with income.

They *just* launched their new course called the “Profitable Digital Products Method”:

“Profitable Digital Products Method is a self-paced online course designed to guide you step-by-step through the process of creating and selling a digital product SO THAT you can support your ministry, bless your family, and make an impact in more people’s lives. This is the SAME system we used to generate over $100,000 in sales from a $29 product within the first three months of launch. We teach it because we live it every day… successfully. And we believe the world needs more POSITIVE, God-honoring messages now more than ever. We want to help YOU flood the interwebs with God’s love!”


The Canva templates I worked on are a bonus item for their course subscribers. I hope the course attendees will find them super useful!

I made these 3D mockups as well to showcase the templates in the “real world”.

More info on the course here:

MIN Kit Bundle s
MDY Luggage Tags s
MDY Slideshow 2 s
VIB Scripture Cards s
MDY Workbook s
MIN Meal Planning Kit 1B s
VIB Course Slides
VIB Labels s
MDY quiz 2

More info about the course:

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“If you’re ready to make the leap from hobbyist to entrepreneur, but you need someone who’s been there done that to guide the way…

We created Profitable Digital Products Method for you!

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A start to finish, step-by-step online course specifically designed to help Christian communicators and solopreneurs create recurring income from digital products so they can make a bigger difference in people’s lives.”