GAMECHANGER // My favourite tool, that I use daily in my own business, is BY FAR Dubsado. It was created to be a type of CRM tool (Customer Relationship Management), but it really is so much more!

I started using Dubsado last March (2018) and cannot recommend it highly enough. It is absolutely worth the investment because it helps you to streamline and automate many processes in your business, raising your customer’s experience when dealing with your business/brand.

A few of my favourite things about Dubsado:

  1. Capture leads straight into Dubsado through your website by easily embedding a form.
  2. Client portals! Keep all your email correspondence, invoices, proposals, info about appointments and so much more in one place for your client to access.
  3. Set up all your packages, forms, contracts and proposal templates beforehand – it saves SO MUCH TIME when sending proposals or quotes to clients.
  4. Your invoices are all in one place, and if you link it to your Paypal account, clients can select a “PAY NOW” button straight on your invoice.
  5. Task/Project management tools linked to your google calendar and to each specific project or client’s profile.
  6. An online appointment scheduling tool (like Calendly) – also linked to each client’s profile.
  7. The best support team I have encountered so far!
  8. A whole Dubsado Facebook Community to provide support and to share cool ideas.
  9. Workflow tools that help you automate repeatable steps in each project (huge time saver!)
  10. Free Trainings & Webinars for Dubsado members to help you grow youSign up herer business.

For a list of Dubsado’s features, see:

If you are interested in trying Dubsado for yourself, sign up using my affiliate link – this will give you 20% off your first month.